Dead World – Rest of the Zombies!

Here’s the rest of them zombies for your pleasure!

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Lento

Slow zombie – The most common of all the infected, is found everywhere. Not fast nor resistant, its strength is solely in numbers: a crowd of Slows can overcome a very strong group. Exists in very large numbers.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Pulador

Jumper zombie – Very common, the infection has mutated its legs allowing it to jump very far. It’s also capable of climbing walls and ceilings, making for perfect ambushes. Exists in large numbers.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Cabeçudo

Headdy Zombie – This large infected is quite resistant, making it hard to kill. One has to be careful when facing one of these: they charge at a human being, knocking the unlucky down. They also don’t care much for walls or obstacles: they simply crush them, making a Headdy dangerous in enclosed spaces. Fairly common.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Bombeiro

Bomber zombie – Its unique mutation allows the Bomber to throw its explosive guts to make for a lot of damage. Slow moving and fragile, this zombie has a chance to explode with every damage it takes. Be extremely careful when facing these guys: a close quarter explosion will almost certainly kill you. Fairly common.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Seco

Skinny zombie – An uncommon sight on the ruins, this infected has mutated to be very tall and thin, with very sharp, long claws. This slow, weak zombie is capable of crossing some obstacles, even crowds of other infected, to reach its prey. Be extra cautious when you face one: when attacking, its very fast. And the claws can swipe over a large area, cutting easily through armor.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Torso

Torso zombie – This infected has very large, strong, thick arms. Very slow, it can crush through walls and likes to grab things to throw. Though sluggish, don’t be fooled: they are very resistant and strong. When facing a Torso, be careful not to be grabbed. Uncommon.

Mundo Morto_Zumbi_Bocudo

Kisser zombie – A very large specimen, it is a very resistant infected. Capable of sustaining a lot of damage, the Kisser moves slowly. When close to a human, though, it leaps and opens its mouth, swallowing the whole unlucky prey. As to this date, very few have been swallowed and lived to tell the tale afterwards. Prepare to spend lots of bullets on this fellow. Rare.


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