THU and Europe Experience

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts!

Let’s dust it off starting with how my trip went. I know it’s been sometime since I came back to Brazil, but it’s never late to share adventures.

I started my journey going to Lisbon and then to Troia, in Portugal.


A street at Bairro Alto in Lisbon

I stayed in Lisbon at a very nice hostel named Living Lounge Hostel, very recommended.


I didn’t take many pictures at the event because every moment was important, and I wanted no distractions

In Troia I had one of the most amazing art experiences. I met artists from all over the world, including Finland, Indonesia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Chile… I was able to listen to Syd Mead, Scott Ross and Ben Mauro. I laughed and drank beer with the super-nice guys from Techno Image. Really helps to boost your life. In the end, Trojan Horse was amazing to meet new people and do networking.


Going to the Alps


The Alps and their perfect fields


A breakfast in the roadside


My gift for the swiss family!


The ethereal beauty of Jaunpass

Later I went to Switzerland to spend some days with two good friends from Brazil who are living there. I stayed in a countryside farm at Elgg, in the canton of Zürich. There, the family received me very well, everyone was always nice to me. I was also able to travel a lot through the country with my friends. They even prepared a very special surprise to me: we went to Giger Museum! My heart was filled with awe seeing so close the original paintings from Alien and the Necronomicon. I will never forget that experience.

We also traveled through the Alps and over there I saw some of the most spectacular vistas ever. Such a beautiful, clean country!

After Switzerland I went to London. There I visited Camden Town, the National History Museum, went in a nerd-tour with my good friend Gustavo Brauner and, of course, to EGX. I played Alien Isolation and Evil Within before everyone else 🙂

I also talked to many developers and was able to learn a lot.


London Bridge and a curious crow


I was moved when I saw this scene



An average scene in Camden Town


Take a look at these boots!


Victorian gothic!



China Town, sirah


EGX entrance


One of the views from the upper floor – the fair was bigger than what is depicted


The Sony place


Forbidden Planet!


I almost fell over when I saw all these amazing sci-fi books together


Lovers of board games, you have to visit this place!


-Heavy breathing-



The miniatures are so detailed!

London is amazing. So many different people living together. Everyone seemed to speak a different language and to not care about what you were wearing, how you were looking. Many lessons I have learned in London.

This trip was extremely interesting in a lot of aspects. I learned that the world is at the same time bigger and smaller than I imagined it to be, and that you really need to meet new people and new artists.

I came back a different man.


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