Queen of Pain Studies

This whole concept started while thinking about the personification of my fears and struggles.

One thing that has always been constant in my life is pain.
As I always spend long hours and days sitting in a chair, I have had back pains, hand pains, neck pains, you name it. Nothing serious, but mostly constant. While exercising and working out the pain goes away, though.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make a creature based on this experience with pain.

The first sketch of such idea came while at the studio. I wanted to make a female creature (because pain in portuguese is a female noun) and to make it distorted to symbolize the back pain.

Queen Pain Studies

Last year I did a 10 month character design course through ICS and the amazing Paulo Ignez, a really talented artist. We needed to make a project in which we were going to test our skills. I then chose my Queen of Pain.

These are some of the sketches I did to research for the final design.



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