Xangô / Sango – lord of lighting

Hi folks,

Last year I did a new yoruba deity, this time for a Nigerian comics series called “Spirit Wars” from Vortex Comics.

Now I am able to show it to you.


Final image

This is Xangô / Sango, one of the main orishas of the afro-brazilian and yoruba religions. Continuing the line I started with my previous Yemoja / Iemanjá, I wanted to show him using more details that connected him to his origins, to Africa.


Some of the images used as references and the books I read to do my research

According to my research (mostly based on brazilian religions), he is a deity of justice, fire, ligthning and stone. From the stories I have read and worshipping methods, he was a prince and warrior, with a reckless temperament. Usually worshipped with the colors white, red and brown, he is also depicted in the religions shirtless and with dreads. I also wanted to show him with his thunder stone pouch and wood object that controls rain.


First batch of concepts. Trying to find the right balance between prince/fire and thunder deity/warrior


Second batch of concepts. Further exploration of ornaments and headdresses, this time using a bit more the axe and lightning motifs.


Final design and axe shape exploration

Based on all of it I tried to put some elements that showed fire and lighting and also justice and balance (such as the diamond shape in the body paint). The double-bitted axe, called oxé, was based on real designs of it that are used for worship, as well as yoruba wood sculptures.


3ds Max viewports, showing some shaders and lighting setup


ZBrush screens of oxé


Final Oxé design


“As Verdades do Turunã” RPG adventure – characters

Following my previous post, here are the five characters I designed for the RPG adventure “As Verdades do Turunã” (The Turunã Truths, as a free translation), for the fantasy book and project by Ian Fraser “Araruama – O livro das sementes”, based on latin american cultures.

Click on the images for the high res version.


Yáax Núuk


Nelli Ehecatl


Cocijo Huehueteotli


Yaotl Tlanectic


Apo-Mayta Khuno


Cocijo sketches


Yáax sketches


Yaotl sketches

“As Verdades do Turunã” RPG adventure – illustrations


Mockup showing my images and character sheets (taken from the project’s Facebook page)

Hi everyone,

Ian Fraser, a brazilian writer, successfully financed his latin american inspired fantasy book “Araruama – O livro das sementes” through crowdfunding here in Brazil and invited me to illustrate an RPG adventure that was one of the stretch goals.
If interested, you can buy the book here (portuguese only).

“As Verdades do Turunã” (The Turunã Truths, as a free translation) features five characters and is based in a free system called Old Dragon.

I was tasked with making the characters and some illustrations.
You can see the latter below, with some sketches too.

I am studying more and more my country and our latin brothers. We have such an unexplored cultural richness.

Next post: the characters.




Quetzalcoatl sketches


Cave ritual


Murucututuaçu attacks


Kukoire King

Stephen King’s “It” Pennywise Design – part III

Now, it was time to go for the clothing.

I have been recently using Marvelous Designer for clothes and physical simulations, so here are some screens of it in action. I’m no expert in it, so don’t expect to see perfect seams and parts.
I bought a clown costume from TurboSquid to serve as a starting point, to help with the design.

I also exported the model to Mixamo for rigging and then went to pose it in 3ds Max.


Marvelous Designer screens, showing both poses

After some tests, it became clear I needed to make a full realised illustration.


At first I thought only about making the character in a pose, with no detailed background

So I put him in a sewer and changed the lighting to make it more dramatic.

The pose was a reference to my old drawing, updated to show the character calling you closer, but also at the beginning of a walk towards its prey. I also later added a skull and a paper boat to the background.


I used 3ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop for the models, textures and editing


Stephen King’s “It” Pennywise Design – part II

Continuing the design process, I wanted to go 3D for the final image since the beginning.

So, at this point, it was time to go to ZBrush and work on a bust.
My idea was to make a full body figure, but the bust and face are key points in character design. So, if I could get it right, I was in the right track.

I used an Adobe Fuse model for the base mesh and did a quick render and some paintovers in Photoshop.

I decide to try the “shiny silver eyes” and evil grinning versions described in the book just to see how it looked.


Number 18, exploring how the design would translate to 3D


Number 19, showing a yellow tie – I changed its color to better fit within the color scheme

After these tests and being more advanced in the book, it became clear to me that the second version (number 18 of the previous post) was better suited for the final concept.

I then went and worked a bit on the face, giving it more expression and unique features.


I decided to make the hair shorter to be less comical and unrealistic

This third version had me happier with the result. I tried the blue eyes described in its first appearance in the book, as well as the predatory yellow ones, also shown in both films (new and old). I also made the eyes a bit off, again inspired by the new Pennywise version (because it looks creepier too).

I then went to ZBrush and made some refinements in the face.


First refinement. I wanted more expression


Final version, having a good balance between expression and creepiness

Having decided for a final one, I went back to the paintover and updated it, as well as the evil grim version.


Final concept


Final evil concept

Now, it was time to go for the clothes and the illustration.