Conscious Mind – Worker Enemy

I am free to show some concepts I did for the upcoming “Conscious Mind” horror game from Moonville Entertainment.

Here is the process behind the concept of one of the enemies, the worker. It had to look like a human factory worker from behind but with a twisted face in the front.


Final approved concept


First I started with the face, going wild with the designs. The client liked numbers 2, 4 and 6


Based on the previous ones the client liked, I did more versions. Number 7 was approved


I then went for the body and clothes, trying some variation


The client liked the overalls and vests, so I did more versions


Deciding on the overalls, I did more iterations. The final chosen one is number 11


Potira and Mapinguari

Hi everyone,

Here is an art for the upcoming game “Potira”. It takes place in the Amazon and follows a female indian called Potira.

The Mapinguari is a folklore creature that inhabits the Amazon jungle. Some say it is a huge one eyed ape with dark fur that eats people. Others, that it is a reminiscent of the Giant Sloth, which coexisted with indigenous people in the past. I chose the latter to make good character and similar to a tuxaua (leader), that would aid you on your quest.


Southern Kingdoms Map

Hi everyone, here is a map I did for my “Grey Days” project.

It depicts a part of the Southern Kingdoms, the only remaining places of the New Lands where humans are free.


As earth and water masses behave fractal-like, I have made this map using an excellent world map generator, the Fractal World Generator. It creates very realistic maps that can be exported in a very high size.

I then used some of them in Photoshop to make masks and further explore my idea of what that region looked like.

Below you can see some of my tests, the Atlas rendering and the Masks, all generated in the previous link!


Photoshop screen

Conscious Mind work and teaser

Hi everyone,

Since february I have been working on an upcoming horror game from Moonville Entertainment called “Conscious Mind”.

I am responsible for some of the concept art of the game.

Last june 16th they released a teaser featuring some art that I specifically made for it, which you can see below.



And here is the teaser.

You can see some stills here.

Skywind – Corprus Meat Clutter

Here is another work I’ve done for Skywind.

Corprus is a magical disease directly related to the game lore.

These meat objects are seeing hanging on deranged temples were people worship a deity and eat these diseased lumps of flesh.

I did them on ZBrush and later exported to 3ds Max to make a lower res mesh.


The original one from Morrowind


The four clutters in ZBrush


3ds Max view, before making a lower res version


Closeup in ZBrush


Just the diffuse painting


Diffuse, normal and specular maps