Stephen King’s “It” Pennywise Design – final illustration

Here is the final illustration I did, ending the Pennywise posts.

I hope you liked it!



Close of the face


Stephen King’s “It” Pennywise Design – part III

Now, it was time to go for the clothing.

I have been recently using Marvelous Designer for clothes and physical simulations, so here are some screens of it in action. I’m no expert in it, so don’t expect to see perfect seams and parts.
I bought a clown costume from TurboSquid to serve as a starting point, to help with the design.

I also exported the model to Mixamo for rigging and then went to pose it in 3ds Max.


Marvelous Designer screens, showing both poses

After some tests, it became clear I needed to make a full realised illustration.


At first I thought only about making the character in a pose, with no detailed background

So I put him in a sewer and changed the lighting to make it more dramatic.

The pose was a reference to my old drawing, updated to show the character calling you closer, but also at the beginning of a walk towards its prey. I also later added a skull and a paper boat to the background.


I used 3ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop for the models, textures and editing




Hi everyone,

Here is a new work I did.
This is Iemanjá/Yemoja, one of the main orishas of the afro-brazilian and yoruba religions. I wanted to show a different version of her, inspired by the shapes and powers of the sea. I did this image for the wonderful “Contos de Òrun Àiyé”, a comic book project by Hugo Canuto. More details about it here (portuguese only).


I did a good research, learning some important aspects of her: she is a mother, queen of the sea, sometimes called and depicted as a mermaid. Symbols: the waning moon, starfish, waves, pearls.


I ended up with the mermaid version, since in my opinion it was more primal and symbolic and had a good balance between power and beauty with a unique shape and silhouette.


The final design is made to enhance the mother characteristics: big belly and breasts, the body paint of the womb (she gave birth to almost all deities). You can see my exploration and final design of the fan/mirror.

And here is a little making of.

Lycan – Flex Nutrition

Hi everyone,

Here is a job I did for Flex Nutrition through MuscleHeads agency.

A strong werewolf to figure in a campaign for a new line of supplements.


First iterations


The final approved sketch


Color sketches


The final version, where the jeans and handcuffs were provided separately



The first promotional image featuring the werewolf (the rest was not done by me)



Ruins of Bento

Ruins of Bento

Here’s an art I did for a post-apocalyptic RPG I’ve developed taking place in the area where I live, Rio Grande do Sul, a state of Brazil. The scenario takes place in the year 2185, a century after WWIII, which left the area a desert of ruins and dust.

These are the ruins of Bento Gonçalves, near Porto Alegre – where I currently reside. Bento, as it is commonly called, produces large amounts of wines.  In the image, you can see a large circular structure, a massive greenhouse where they did all the production of grapes into wine. The mutant, in the front, is part of an interbreeding family residing there. The players encountered them, and a combat took place.