Interview about brazilian folklore

Hi everyone,

I recently did an interview (in Portuguese) for the website Colecionador de Sacis about my research and work methods regarding one of my passions: brazilian folklore and culture.

You can watch it below (portuguese only).


Curso de Design de Personagens – PUCRS


(portuguese only)

Olá galera,

Dias 09, 10 e 11 de maio vou dar um curso de extensão de Design de Personagens na FAMECOS, PUCRS, em Porto Alegre.

Vai ser um curso que vai abordar desde conceitos de design e Gestalt, até direitos autorais, passando por noções de anatomia, gesto, tipos de linhas e esboço.

Indico para quem tem interesse na área e quer se aprimorar e também para quem está iniciando, um curso para todos os níveis.

Para fazer a inscrição e saber mais, cliquem na imagem do post ou acessem

Se tiverem alguma dúvida podem entrar em contato comigo.

Books 2016


These are all the books I finished in 2016. Most about Brazil, one way or another.

Deuses de Dois Mundos – O Livro do Silêncio – PJ Pereira
Deuses de Dois Mundos – O Livro da Traição – PJ Pereira
Deuses de Dois Mundos – O Livro da Morte – PJ Pereira
Tesouros, Fantasmas e Lendas de Ouro Preto – Angela Leite Xavier
Lendas Gaúchas – org. Pedro Haase Filho
África e Brasil Africano – Marina de Mello e Souza
Povos Indígenas no Brasil Mirim – Instituto Socioambiental
Nossas Lendas (1951) – Nair Starling
Maldito Sertão – Márcio Benjamin
Night Shift – Stephen King
Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury
Galicia – A casa da árvore – Marsal Alves Branco
Mapinguary o dono dos ossos: contos indígenas de assombração – Yaguarê Yamã

Trip to Manaus and Curaçao

Hi everyone!

Recently I took a little trip to Manaus and Curaçao.

I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend exploring Willemstad, Klein Curaçao and absorbing the different languages and cultures in such a rich place.

I have also explored a bit more of Manaus.

Here are some pictures of both places, Curaçao and Manaus, taken by me and my girlfriend.





Saint Tropez hotel


Klein Curaçao’s shipwreck


Renaissance hotel’s artificial beach view


Iguana soup


Kura Hulanda museum


Klein Curaçao, waiting for this boat to pick us up


Klein Curaçao, Whiptail Lizards


Hermit crabs and Whiptail lizards feasting on rest of foods thrown by people


Klein Curaçao


Hermit crabs!


Tree sculpture in Willemstad, reminds me too much of Silent Hill


Playa Fort


A gate in the countryside


Countryside in Westpunt


Queen Emma’s bridge open






Fish diversity in the market


“Caldeirada de bodó”, a kind of soup with the bodó fish


Tikuna handicraft


Port of Manaus, now with much more water

Updates and Skywind

Hi everyone,

Some new updates!


New images from two projects I am doing: a brazilian werewolf and Walter Corbitt, from a previous concept of mine – you can see my previous post about him here.

I also started working in the Skywind project! It is a complete overhaul of the Skyrim game, making The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind entirely in that game’s engine, with a lot of dedicated professionals working on it.

My first contribution is the redesign for the Indoril Shield, a very iconic armor piece.

You can see my progress here.

Manaus – december 2015

Hello everyone!

This december I was visiting and touring with my girlfriend in Manaus and some parts of the Amazon.

The sights were beautiful, the heat tolerable, the trip amazing.

We got to visit some very interesting museums (the city has plenty of them) and had the chance to know a bit more of the story of our country.

The food is fantastic in this place, with plenty of fishes (I tasted about seven of them, and there are many, many more available) and delicious fruits and juices.

Manaus is a city with few monuments, but many of them are very, very beautiful. A special highlight goes to the Largo São Sebastião and the Amazon Theatre.

The city is also very easy to navigate, so you can see things easily.

We got to see a lot of animals and wildlife, including the rare and elusive Pied tamarin monkey, which only exists in the Manaus region.

Culturally and artistically, it’s impossible not to talk about the biggest indian population in the country.

The 38 ethnic groups of the Amazon have amazing cultures and practices, and we got a small chance of seeing a ritual and many, many handicrafted pieces, including masks, cooking utensils, baskets, you name it.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, highly recommended to anyone with an open mind willing to see a magical place.


Heavily inspired by our folclore, I did these sketches in the airplane flying to Manaus


A detail of Largo São Sebastião’s monument


The port of Manaus is quite the experience


The Meeting of Waters, where Rio Negro and Solimões rivers meet


An Arrau turtle resting in INPA


A pirarucu fish


Interacting with the Amazon river dolphin


The biggest biodiversity in the world viewed from MUSA’s 42m tower


The beautiful and sad ruins of Paricatuba


The village was in this location for about eight months


Masks made by the natives and local artists


Masks and objects made by the Ticuna indians


Wood and seed necklaces with a variety of techniques were very beautiful