Flintlock Firearms

Here are some concepts for my portfolio exploring guns and presentation.

I did a good amount of research and came to know there is a lot behind every gun, both historically and functionally. Loved and learned a lot during the process.


Flintlock Blunderbuss – the gold color is to make it distinct from the other weapons. I was also inspired by 1920s Tommy Guns for the reloader upgrade


Flintlock Pistol – I wanted a stylish, almost mechanical design


Flintlock Musket – for the musket, I wanted to balance power and range, so I made the barrel  thicker


I also did more variations to show different designs and mechanisms


A bit of my process: first I start with the silhouettes, after that I go for the line work and then to the 3D model



Skywind – Indoril Shield

Here are a bit of what I’ve worked in the Skywind project.

The Indoril Shield


Here is the original shield with a reference board


Shape sketches 1


Shape sketches 2


First renders


The final shield, both regular and tower shield

More than Human – Suits

This is a series of concepts for my RPG titled “More than Human”.

The story deals with technology, transhumanism, horror, artificial intelligences, what means to be human. All inside a doomed spaceship.

MtH_V1 Suit

The V1 suit is designed to offer the user protection from high and low temperature and differences in pressure, all while containing a built-in system for recycling and treating body functions and waste. Can be upgraded to the V2 suit. In the image, it’s possible to see the CC97, a standard crowd control pistol and a ZG Stick (behind, near the hip), to help with maneuvers in zero-g environments.

MtH_V2 Suit

The V2 suit protects the user from extreme temperatures, works in vacuum, is composed of nano-fibers that can withstand high pressures and has a built-in propelling system for maneuvers. It can be upgraded to the V3 suit. In the image it’s possible to see a nano-applicator and a pair of Magboots.

The V3 suit has the utmost resistance from vacuum, withstanding temperatures up to 1800 °F and as low as -400 °F. It has 8 layers of protection, offering very high impact absorption and resistance to radiation and pressure change. The nano-fibers are capable of replicating themselves in case of ruptures and damage. The maneuvering system is more stable and powerful than the V2’s, allowing for a good degree of freedom. In the image, it’s possible to see a military shotgun and upgraded Magboots.