Stephen King’s “It” Pennywise Design – part II

Continuing the design process, I wanted to go 3D for the final image since the beginning.

So, at this point, it was time to go to ZBrush and work on a bust.
My idea was to make a full body figure, but the bust and face are key points in character design. So, if I could get it right, I was in the right track.

I used an Adobe Fuse model for the base mesh and did a quick render and some paintovers in Photoshop.

I decide to try the “shiny silver eyes” and evil grinning versions described in the book just to see how it looked.


Number 18, exploring how the design would translate to 3D


Number 19, showing a yellow tie – I changed its color to better fit within the color scheme

After these tests and being more advanced in the book, it became clear to me that the second version (number 18 of the previous post) was better suited for the final concept.

I then went and worked a bit on the face, giving it more expression and unique features.


I decided to make the hair shorter to be less comical and unrealistic

This third version had me happier with the result. I tried the blue eyes described in its first appearance in the book, as well as the predatory yellow ones, also shown in both films (new and old). I also made the eyes a bit off, again inspired by the new Pennywise version (because it looks creepier too).

I then went to ZBrush and made some refinements in the face.


First refinement. I wanted more expression


Final version, having a good balance between expression and creepiness

Having decided for a final one, I went back to the paintover and updated it, as well as the evil grim version.


Final concept


Final evil concept

Now, it was time to go for the clothes and the illustration.



Dalgol Concepts


I took inspiration from reptiles, newts, poison dart frogs, whales, turtles and plants for the designs

Designs for an amphibian race I am creating, the Dalgol, for my Grey Days project.


ZBrush sculpt


Sculpt paintover


Brazilian Bestiary – Saci



I decided to do this image to celebrate the Folklore Day here in Brazil (Dia do Folclore), which happens 22/08.
I chose the popular Saci character and put a bit of twist to it.

The Saci, or Saci-Pererê, is said to be some kind of one-legged trickster and malevolent spirit represented by a black boy with a magical red cap.

The Saci is often times depicted with a pipe, since he is very fond of tobacco, which you can use to bargain things with it.
He is said to trick people into many bad situations, stealing things, making confusions sometimes harmful and fatal.

Saci is also the name of a bird said by some indigenous people to be magical. The Saci (Tapera naevia) is said to inhabit ruins and sings incessantly a melancholic tune, but is never found. Some said it houses dead spirits. It is also said the bird rests with one leg.

So for my design I decided to make a bit of a mixture between the boy and the bird, hence the feathers and scales.



I first start with quick thumbnails


Then I choose the best ones and start with the line art


Proceeding to the color and volumes


The four chosen ones with different designs


Conscious Mind work and teaser

Hi everyone,

Since february I have been working on an upcoming horror game from Moonville Entertainment called “Conscious Mind”.

I am responsible for some of the concept art of the game.

Last june 16th they released a teaser featuring some art that I specifically made for it, which you can see below.



And here is the teaser.

You can see some stills here.

Brazilian Bestiary – Werewolf

The werewolf was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Before that, there is no evidence of such a creature, according to the study I did reading several books, specially by late brazilian anthropologist Luís da Câmara Cascudo.

People often thought, back then, that those suffering from cases of anemia and other diseases and malnutrition had a chance to be werewolves.
As such, I’ve tried to explore some versions of a diseased beast, less wolf more gaunt.


Here are some early explorations from a couple of years ago, where I was also trying to integrate a big ear and weird joints, all based on the description that the creature was so fast you could hear its ears flapping and that it runned on its joints!


After I did the Iara, I decided to do a werewolf bust too, in order to learn the software. It helped me establish a more realistic look and define some proportions


Testing how the fur was going to be


Added some color and further refined the hair. I wanted to show a diseased beast, so I chose to not make a hairy werewolf, perhaps suggesting some type of mange


Detailed sculpt


I took some renders in ZBrush and then went to Photoshop to make different versions in order to choose from


Choosing version number six, I did a full body concept of it standing in a road in the countryside at night. I researched for several references, including anorexic people and the Wendigo from Until Dawn


Here is the final version where I tried to depict an original pose, showing the werewolf having some sort of mental damage, based on some videos I saw of people with rabies