Conscious Mind – Worker Enemy

I am free to show some concepts I did for the upcoming “Conscious Mind” horror game from Moonville Entertainment.

Here is the process behind the concept of one of the enemies, the worker. It had to look like a human factory worker from behind but with a twisted face in the front.


Final approved concept


First I started with the face, going wild with the designs. The client liked numbers 2, 4 and 6


Based on the previous ones the client liked, I did more versions. Number 7 was approved


I then went for the body and clothes, trying some variation


The client liked the overalls and vests, so I did more versions


Deciding on the overalls, I did more iterations. The final chosen one is number 11


Potira and Mapinguari

Hi everyone,

Here is an art for the upcoming game “Potira”. It takes place in the Amazon and follows a female indian called Potira.

The Mapinguari is a folklore creature that inhabits the Amazon jungle. Some say it is a huge one eyed ape with dark fur that eats people. Others, that it is a reminiscent of the Giant Sloth, which coexisted with indigenous people in the past. I chose the latter to make good character and similar to a tuxaua (leader), that would aid you on your quest.


Skywind – Corprus Meat Clutter

Here is another work I’ve done for Skywind.

Corprus is a magical disease directly related to the game lore.

These meat objects are seeing hanging on deranged temples were people worship a deity and eat these diseased lumps of flesh.

I did them on ZBrush and later exported to 3ds Max to make a lower res mesh.


The original one from Morrowind


The four clutters in ZBrush


3ds Max view, before making a lower res version


Closeup in ZBrush


Just the diffuse painting


Diffuse, normal and specular maps


Grey Days – Blind Dead concepts





Hi all,

Here are some concepts I just finished for another of my projects.

I have a medieval setting in which humans have been enslaved by another race, some tall, dark skinned, dreadlocked and aztec-like folks called Ortans.

A bit of story:

Humans live trapped in cities. In order for the adventure to truly start, you have to get out of your city.

And one way to do it is through some very old, dreaded catacombs where the dead sleep.

And the dead are very sensitive to noise..

I did a very thorough research about mummies and the like to see how the dead become.

Next step for them: 3D!

More than Human – Suits

This is a series of concepts for my RPG titled “More than Human”.

The story deals with technology, transhumanism, horror, artificial intelligences, what means to be human. All inside a doomed spaceship.

MtH_V1 Suit

The V1 suit is designed to offer the user protection from high and low temperature and differences in pressure, all while containing a built-in system for recycling and treating body functions and waste. Can be upgraded to the V2 suit. In the image, it’s possible to see the CC97, a standard crowd control pistol and a ZG Stick (behind, near the hip), to help with maneuvers in zero-g environments.

MtH_V2 Suit

The V2 suit protects the user from extreme temperatures, works in vacuum, is composed of nano-fibers that can withstand high pressures and has a built-in propelling system for maneuvers. It can be upgraded to the V3 suit. In the image it’s possible to see a nano-applicator and a pair of Magboots.

The V3 suit has the utmost resistance from vacuum, withstanding temperatures up to 1800 °F and as low as -400 °F. It has 8 layers of protection, offering very high impact absorption and resistance to radiation and pressure change. The nano-fibers are capable of replicating themselves in case of ruptures and damage. The maneuvering system is more stable and powerful than the V2’s, allowing for a good degree of freedom. In the image, it’s possible to see a military shotgun and upgraded Magboots.




Esboço que fiz para um concurso no site The Concept Art Blog sobre um chefe de um jogo que teria de ser muito forte, assustador e meio-humano. Foi divertido de fazer 🙂

Sketch I did for a contest in The Concept Art Blog about a game boss that needed to be really strong, scary and humanoid. Had a nice time making it 🙂