Conscious Mind – Worker Enemy

I am free to show some concepts I did for the upcoming “Conscious Mind” horror game from Moonville Entertainment.

Here is the process behind the concept of one of the enemies, the worker. It had to look like a human factory worker from behind but with a twisted face in the front.


Final approved concept


First I started with the face, going wild with the designs. The client liked numbers 2, 4 and 6


Based on the previous ones the client liked, I did more versions. Number 7 was approved


I then went for the body and clothes, trying some variation


The client liked the overalls and vests, so I did more versions


Deciding on the overalls, I did more iterations. The final chosen one is number 11

Conscious Mind work and teaser

Hi everyone,

Since february I have been working on an upcoming horror game from Moonville Entertainment called “Conscious Mind”.

I am responsible for some of the concept art of the game.

Last june 16th they released a teaser featuring some art that I specifically made for it, which you can see below.



And here is the teaser.

You can see some stills here.

Brazilian Bestiary – Werewolf

The werewolf was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Before that, there is no evidence of such a creature, according to the study I did reading several books, specially by late brazilian anthropologist Luís da Câmara Cascudo.

People often thought, back then, that those suffering from cases of anemia and other diseases and malnutrition had a chance to be werewolves.
As such, I’ve tried to explore some versions of a diseased beast, less wolf more gaunt.


Here are some early explorations from a couple of years ago, where I was also trying to integrate a big ear and weird joints, all based on the description that the creature was so fast you could hear its ears flapping and that it runned on its joints!


After I did the Iara, I decided to do a werewolf bust too, in order to learn the software. It helped me establish a more realistic look and define some proportions


Testing how the fur was going to be


Added some color and further refined the hair. I wanted to show a diseased beast, so I chose to not make a hairy werewolf, perhaps suggesting some type of mange


Detailed sculpt


I took some renders in ZBrush and then went to Photoshop to make different versions in order to choose from


Choosing version number six, I did a full body concept of it standing in a road in the countryside at night. I researched for several references, including anorexic people and the Wendigo from Until Dawn


Here is the final version where I tried to depict an original pose, showing the werewolf having some sort of mental damage, based on some videos I saw of people with rabies

Brazilian Bestiary – Iara

This is the first final image for a project I’ve started depicting creatures from brazilian folklore.

The Iara is a river mermaid, said to lure people with its beautiful song to later drown and , in my version, eat them. The myth has roots in Europe, when the portuguese came to this land in the sixteenth century.

I tried to show a beautiful and terrifying monster, balancing the repulsive with attractive. I gave it a pink rubbery skin, like the Amazon river dolphin, as well as big eyes, since sometimes it is located in dark waters like those from Amazon’s Rio Negro.

The nostrils and color scheme also came as an inspiration from the Amazon river dolphin, the “boto cor-de-rosa”.



Here, some side views and a wip.



Below, a part of the creature design process.




Old King

One of these days I had a nightmare.

I was walking inside an empty house, with wooden floors and walls, in what was probably a sunset.

Then, suddenly, a tall, bald old man appears in front of me, wearing a white robe of some kind.

He starts walking towards me and changes his face to a horrible expression, with bulged, bloody eyes and an animal-like mouth, dripping. Suddenly I know he wants to suck my brain and I get the hell out of that nightmarish place running.

And the weirdest of all is that I know who he is. He is called “Old King”.