“As Verdades do Turunã” RPG adventure – illustrations


Mockup showing my images and character sheets (taken from the project’s Facebook page)

Hi everyone,

Ian Fraser, a brazilian writer, successfully financed his latin american inspired fantasy book “Araruama – O livro das sementes” through crowdfunding here in Brazil and invited me to illustrate an RPG adventure that was one of the stretch goals.
If interested, you can buy the book here (portuguese only).

“As Verdades do Turunã” (The Turunã Truths, as a free translation) features five characters and is based in a free system called Old Dragon.

I was tasked with making the characters and some illustrations.
You can see the latter below, with some sketches too.

I am studying more and more my country and our latin brothers. We have such an unexplored cultural richness.

Next post: the characters.




Quetzalcoatl sketches


Cave ritual


Murucututuaçu attacks


Murucututuaçu sketches


Kukoire King


Flintlock Firearms

Here are some concepts for my portfolio exploring guns and presentation.

I did a good amount of research and came to know there is a lot behind every gun, both historically and functionally. Loved and learned a lot during the process.


Flintlock Blunderbuss – the gold color is to make it distinct from the other weapons. I was also inspired by 1920s Tommy Guns for the reloader upgrade


Flintlock Pistol – I wanted a stylish, almost mechanical design


Flintlock Musket – for the musket, I wanted to balance power and range, so I made the barrel  thicker


I also did more variations to show different designs and mechanisms


A bit of my process: first I start with the silhouettes, after that I go for the line work and then to the 3D model


Southern Kingdoms Map

Hi everyone, here is a map I did for my “Grey Days” project.

It depicts a part of the Southern Kingdoms, the only remaining places of the New Lands where humans are free.


As earth and water masses behave fractal-like, I have made this map using an excellent world map generator, the Fractal World Generator. It creates very realistic maps that can be exported in a very high size.

I then used some of them in Photoshop to make masks and further explore my idea of what that region looked like.

Below you can see some of my tests, the Atlas rendering and the Masks, all generated in the previous link!


Photoshop screen

Grey Days – Ortan Guard – Light Armor

Here is a concept of an Ortan Guard wearing light armor for my personal “Grey Days” RPG project.

The Ortans are a race of tall humanoids (average of 7.5 feet tall) that have enslaved the human race two centuries ago.
They have developed a better use of gunpowder and come from a tribal background that worshipped the use of blood, but have been progressing technologically throughout their story.

I did quite a lot of research to make this race and design, going through Aztec, Maia and Peruvian civilizations, as well as Egyptians.

I want to thank Hugo Richard, Mike Azevedo, Bruno Biazotto, Rodrigo Idalino, César Rosolino and Tom Bernardes for the advices and critiques! They were invaluable to make this image better.


Here is the final design


Design evolution throughout the years


2015 version


Color and design iteration for the final version