Sister of the Nightmare

Concept for a personal project. A lich with an ancient magical mask from an underwater civilization, awakened centuries after its imprisonment.
I have again used 3D to help with the final image.



Grey Days – Revenants

Upon receiving a feedback of my Blind Dead concepts (you can see it some posts ago here) that they were just “a bunch of naked guys”, I decided to make that image a lot more interesting by designing armors and character types from my “Grey Days” world.

I always loved undead, specially zombies and reanimated corpses. So I went on and researched A LOT for what has already been established, specially concept art-related stuff. I also studied medieval resources to see how armor works, medieval weaponry, etc.

A very good book on the subject is Warrior – A Visual History of the Fighting Man, by R. G. Grant, where it not only describes the historical aspect of medieval armors, but also gives amazing photographs showing details of them.

Another excellent resource is Empire de la Mort, a fascinating website by Paul Koudounaris that shows amazing photos and information about the dead and their history.


I decided to make their armor rusty and dirty because, well, they were supposed to be dead for centuries.

Here are some closeups:

Grey Days – Blind Dead concepts





Hi all,

Here are some concepts I just finished for another of my projects.

I have a medieval setting in which humans have been enslaved by another race, some tall, dark skinned, dreadlocked and aztec-like folks called Ortans.

A bit of story:

Humans live trapped in cities. In order for the adventure to truly start, you have to get out of your city.

And one way to do it is through some very old, dreaded catacombs where the dead sleep.

And the dead are very sensitive to noise..

I did a very thorough research about mummies and the like to see how the dead become.

Next step for them: 3D!